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Noah Guberman

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

July 5th 1978 - January 25th 2014

Noah was funny, witty, charming and highly intelligent. He stood at 6'5 and had the most beautiful teal eyes. He had several tatoos, but one read," fierce determination" and another "Loyalty." These were traits he valued.

He loved baseball, and played all through childhood making all-stars every year and he played for the seals in Monterey on an adult league. His other love was doo-wop, where he sang with a group in Las Vegas. His other interest was boxing.

He worked as a goldsmith, a job he thoroughly enjoyed.

He is a father to boy/girl twins, whom he loved so much. They lost their father at the age of 13, when Noah overdosed with self medication of prescription drugs and street drugs. He packed a lot of life into a short time by age 35.

Noah suffered from mania and depression and self medicated to treat his bipolar disorder.

He is terribly missed by his children, their mother, his mother and father, and other family members and a host of friends.

Noah's Song Handy Man

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