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General substance info

Prescribe Safe, a program led by Montage Health, has partnered with more than 35 local business and agencies to address the opioid addiction problem since 2014. By 2018, Monterey County had improved to have the second-lowest opioid-related death rate of any county in California. But, in the last several years, counterfeit medications have entered the market, many with a toxic or lethal dose of fentanyl, causing a staggering increase in opioid-related overdoses and deaths. Prescribe Safe aims to save and improve lives by helping to prevent and address addiction.

Treatment programs


Sharing the journey from bereaved to shining light parent.

Find a Helping Parents Heal group in your area, or join the online group. New groups are starting for siblings, too!

Online grief group for parents who have lost a child due to addiction.

After the storm-This is specifically for people who have lost a child due to addiction.

Peer run support group for grief due to an overdose death.

Practical help for parents in bereavement.

If there are other children in the family who have been impacted by this loss, Eluna supports children and families impacted by grief or addiction.

This parenting resource has great parent guidance in the wake of an overdose death.

Tips for talking with children about addiction and overdose loss.

At grief share you’ll receive valuable guidance and tips, leading you to relief, comfort, and peace of mind. A GriefShare support group is a safe, welcoming place where people understand the difficult emotions of grief.

personal development

Dr Gabor Mate is a leading expert and researcher on addiction, stress, and child development.

Dr. Shefali is a psychologist specializing in the integration of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. 

Dr. Tara Swart is a neuroscientist and medical doctor specializing in healthy  effective ways of harnessing our personal power and creating a full filling life.

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