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Isaiah Joseph Vigoreaux

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Isaiah, my precious boy, you came into this world September 22, 2006 like a little Buddha, relatively silent, calm observant energy. Your life force shooting out your legs. Strong and precious, kicking constantly. You were surrounded by a lot of love and caring people. I’m grateful for the village it took to raise you, the best way we all knew how.

I’m grateful for the son and companion you were. Are. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be your mom. To witness your life, innocence, observations, inquisitive mind, fearless spirit, open heart, responsive, respectful, tentative listening and thoughtful responses. And That’s what they were, responses not reactions. You were cool as a cucumber so much of the time. Not a trait inherited by your Mom. I learned a lot just being in your presence. By what you wouldn’t say sometimes. You were and still are an inspiration for personal growth. You here, brought such a richness to life. My life and not just mine, many of ours.

I’m grateful for your thoughtfulness. There was so much easy going about you. I’m grateful for your insight, humor, playfulness ,strength and patience. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. You are so loved. Then, now, and forever.

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1 Comment

I love you Alicia….such a beautiful video….ISAIAH 🌹❤️

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