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Benjamin (Benny) Lorenzo Garcia

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Benny was a beloved son, brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. He loved

being uncle to Thad, Gus, Matty, Adam, Johnny, Vince, and MacKenzie. Family was

everything to him.

He struggled with substance abuse disorder and spent several stints in rehabs attempting

sobriety. He succeeded with a heart of love and servanthood prior to his death. His family

so cherishes that time and thanks God for that tremendous gift.

Born and raised in Salinas and Monterey, Benny was book smart and an avid sportsman

playing football, baseball, and wrestling during his high school years. He went on to obtain

double Associate degrees in Human Resources and Business Management from Hartnell

College in Salinas.

God’s word tells us to love and serve one another and this defined Benny’s last 14 months

of life. We were shown so many glimpses of the man God created him to be. He loved God

and took joy in serving his brothers and sisters at Calvary. He was an encourager to his

family and to so many others. He loved immensely and was loved greatly by all. It has been

said that grief is the price we pay for love. This grief will remain with us as it represents the

unexpressed love that we still have for him. And if you knew Benny, he never held back

how he felt about you! We will remember you always, Ben, and we will see you again.

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