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window of awarness and hope


We hope this virtual memorial provides an opportunity to collectively honor the tremendous loss we continue to experience with drug overdoses, Fentanyl poisoning and substance abuse disorder. It provides a space for those families and loved ones directly impact by this loss to acknowledge their cherished loved ones and share with others, who their loved ones really were; the tremendous talents and gifts they brought to others and the impact their loss has on their family and on a community.

We honor their legacy

We honor their courage and strength

We honor their sacredness of life

We honor their spirit

We cherish their memories and love

and with immense gratitude

we send blessings and prayers

to all who enriched our lives

We pay them what is due, respect and honor

Pay all what is due to them...Respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.-Romans 13.7

Window of Awareness & Hope is a partnership with Central Coast Overdose Prevention (CCODP).

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